geometria brwi, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach

Taping in cosmetics
and aesthetic medicine

The tapes are made of high-quality cotton, and their elasticity is comparable to human skin (100% stretchability).

The tapes are permeable to water and air, yet resistant to the effects of water. Thanks to the above features, once applied to the skin, the tape can be worn for several days without losing its properties.

Mechanism of action

  • elevation of the skin under the fascia,
  • possibility of free flow of lymph,
  • improvement of swelling resorption,
  • improvement of blood and tissue circulation,
  • improvement of tissue healing,
  • stimulation of deep sensation.


  • acute trauma,
  • skin continuity is not preserved,
  • pregnancy,
  • allergic skin reactions,
  • additional therapies such as the use of electricity, warming or massage should not be performed (facial massage is an exception).

Main objectives

  • anti-cellulite therapy,
  • leveling of swelling,
  • reduction of stretch marks,
  • skin regeneration after aesthetic surgery treatments: lifting, liposuction, breast augmentation,
  • p/pain treatments,
  • hallux valgus therapy.
  • For anti-wrinkle and firming treatments,
  • lymphatic drainage ( supporting body shaping and anti-cellulite treatments).