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Lip Lift

LIP LIFT, is a plastic surgery procedure that involves removing excess skin below the nose with an upward lift of the lips.

The procedure modifies the aesthetic appearance of the lips, restoring harmony to the central part of the face. As a result of the procedure, the lips become slightly larger, but retain their natural volume. The procedure is an alternative to fillers and produces spectacular results in people who have narrow lips and an elongated face. The idea is that the lip lift is performed once in a lifetime and does not require repetition. This procedure is appreciated by people who want to improve the shape of their lips permanently.

The treatment is recommended for people who have:

  • a narrow upper lip,
  • a large distance between the base of the nose and the mouth,
  • teeth that are not visible when smiling,
  • flaccid skin and numerous wrinkles in the upper lip area.
Lip lift effects:
  • shortening the distance between the base of the nose and the lips,
  • restoration of proper proportions of the face,
  • enlargement of the upper lip,
  • more attractive lips (shaping the contour of the lips, increasing volume),
  • full smile (teeth visible when smiling),
  • lip augmentation and enhancement,
  • facial rejuvenation,
  • lifting drooping corners of the mouth,
  • reduction of asymmetry between upper and lower lips.