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Dermapen treatment involves the stimulation and regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers through mechanical stimulation using a specialized head with micro-needles that puncture the skin. The resulting punctures use the skin's natural healing processes and lead to collagen induction.

The dermapen treatment also increases the permeability of the skin, making it ready to receive specially concentrated cocktails. Dermapen increases microcirculation and tissue oxygenation. Dermapen treatment results in an increase in skin tone, shallowing of facial wrinkles and improvement of facial oval and contour. Dermapen also brings very good results in reducing scars and stretch marks. In combination with properly selected preparations, it is an effective weapon in the fight against many other defects.


  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin production,
  • stimulation of fibroblasts through the action of platelet-derived growth factors,
  • improvement of skin density and elasticity.

Advantages of use

  • short treatment time,
  • automatic control of the depth of injection,
  • less pain and more comfortable treatment for the patient,
  • shorter convalescence time,
  • sterility of the Dermapen treatment (replaceable needles),
  • increase in skin tone,
  • reduction of scars and stretch marks.

Frequency of treatments

Treatments are best performed 2 - 4 weeks apart or 4 treatments in a series of 4-5 treatments. We use a high SPF 50 protection during the treatment.