Clinical aromatherapy

A type of treatment that uses the sense of smell. Stimulating it in the right way can affect the functioning of the entire body, both body and mind.

Aromatherapy is called a science based on the use of plant materials and their products to improve a person’s physical and mental well-being. We obtain essential oils from plants such as lavender, pine, rosemary tea tree and many others.

Based on the use of essential oils, aromatherapy can be divided into three groups:

  • Aesthetic aromatherapy, using essential oils for pleasure and mood enhancement,
  • clinical aromatherapy, which involves the use of oils for specific medical conditions and evaluation of their effectiveness by specialists,
  • holistic aromatherapy, which combines the use of essential oils with relaxation techniques.

Clinical aromatherapy uses not only essential oils, but also hydrolats, macerates and other plant oils. These substances of plant origin are “introduced” into the body by several different methods, depending on individual needs:

  • inhalation (from a diffuser, or simply by hand),
  • externally on the skin (e.g., topically for skin lesions),
  • taking internally.

Each essential oil has a whole range of properties, due to the wealth of biochemical molecules it contains. Each is also characterized by a number of chemotypes that exhibit different effects. They are used for massages, inhalations or therapeutic baths. Essential oils of natural origin bring effective therapeutic results, and are also an excellent form of purification of the body.


Essential oils have effects:

  • antibacterial,
  • antiviral,
  • anti-aging,

are a valuable source of active ingredients and vitamins, which allows them to provide excellent protection for the body.

It is worth exploring some of them:

aromaterapia kliniczna, olejek eukaliptusowy, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach
Eucalyptus oil

Fights bacteria and viruses, can be used in inhalation. Eucalyptus oil used in massage, gives a pleasant refreshing and cooling sensation, helps with tension pains and headaches.

aromaterapia kliniczna, olejek z drzewa herbacianego, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach
Tea tree oil

Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral properties. Known for its anti-acne properties. Tea tree oil should be inhaled or applied topically, never swallowed.

aromaterapia kliniczna, olejek lawendowy, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach
Lavender oil

Known for its calming and sleep-inducing properties. It relieves stress and anxiety, works well for aches and pains, reduces itching and swelling, and is also recommended for oral diseases or infectious diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract.

aromaterapia kliniczna, olejek rumiankowy, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach
Chamomile oil

It is mainly used for disease problems. It has been shown to have antispasmodic, analgesic, antipyretic, antibiotic, antiseptic, bactericidal, diaphoretic and many, many other effects. Chamomile oil prevents infections.

aromaterapia kliniczna, olejek cydrowy, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach
Cedar oil

It is used to treat upper respiratory tract infections, among other things, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce arthritis, relieves coughs, helps fight acne and even dandruff.

aromaterapia kliniczna, olejek miętowy, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach
Peppermint oil

Provides many health benefits, from relieving pain and tension, to eliminating itchy sensations or clearing sinuses and treating a runny nose. Peppermint oil gives a pleasant cooling sensation.

aromaterapia kliniczna, olejek cytrynowy, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach
Lemon oil

Increases energy levels, relieves nausea, invigorates, stimulates concentration, while allowing you to calm down.

aromaterapia kliniczna, olejek pomarańczowy, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach
Orange oil

Stimulating, optimistic, energizing. It has been shown that inhaling orange oil puts you in a good mood, lowers blood pressure, reduces the secretion of cortisol (stress hormone).

aromaterapia kliniczna, olejek rozmarynowy, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach
Rosemary oil

Has antiseptic, tonic, antibacterial, antirheumatic, antidepressant and warming properties. Soothes headaches and symptoms of fatigue. It affects the nervous system, improving thought processes and increasing concentration.

aromaterapia kliniczna, olejek goździkowy, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach
Clove oil

Has antiseptic, antibacterial and anesthetic effects, strengthens the immune system and has a stimulating effect on the body. It helps with vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence and gastrointestinal parasites, improves mood, brightens the mind and counteracts depression.

aromaterapia kliniczna, olejek geranium, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beauty w myślenicach
Geranium oil

This is a product extracted from geranium flowers. It exhibits antiseptic, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, tonic, sedative and antidepressant properties. It has a soothing effect on headaches and premenstrual tension symptoms. It affects the nervous system, calming and energizing.