Eyes – it is to them that we direct our gaze when talking to someone or looking in the mirror. They are said to be the mirror of the soul… They can certainly tell a lot about the health, well-being or state of rest of their owner or their owner.

At Roseti Med&Beauty, we know how to take care of them. We offer our patients blepharoplasty, a precise surgical treatment that eliminates defects around the eyes.

Find out exactly what it consists of and why you should take advantage of it.

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The most common goal of blepharoplasty is to reduce excessive skin around the eyes, which drooping creates an unsightly effect of a tired face. During the treatment, proper tension is restored to the flaccid fascial tissues, which directly translates into a healthy appearance of the eye area. Not surprisingly, upper and lower eyelid plasty is very popular among patients and is one of the most frequently chosen aesthetic medicine solutions.

To whom is
recommended eye correction?

Eye care is a nod to both attractive appearance and health.

The lifestyle of many modern people is not conducive to their eyes. Tiredness, sleeplessness, long hours spent in front of the computer, staring at small screens of mobile devices, driving – all this not only strains the eyesight, but also adversely affects the appearance.

The problem of drooping eyelids can also result from genetics, nerve damage, or even improperly fitting contact lenses (usually for lower eyelids).

Taking advantage of blepharoplasty treatment is worth considering when, among other things:

  • Your face looks older than your metric indicates;
  • You have characteristic “bags under your eyes”;
  • you have drooping upper eyelids;
  • you experience heaviness of the eyelids;
  • you are often accompanied by headaches and fatigue;
  • you have a weaker, limited field of vision;
  • you notice the so-called “valley of tears” in yourself.

At what age for the treatment?


Contrary to appearances, blepharoplasty is not only for older people, in whom time causes adverse changes in the eye area. Even people in their twenties and thirties, due to the nature of the work they do, can face the problem of dark circles under the eyes, causing a tired look on the face.


Eyelid plastics -
notice yourself!


If it is different, if any beauty imperfection lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel bad in your own body, come to us. The rich offer of our office allows you to adjust the treatment to your needs and preferences.

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    Why us? Blepharoplasty at Roseti Med&Beauty

    When deciding on a beauty treatment, it's always a good idea to think carefully about the choice of the office you will use. Roseti Med&Beauty in Myslenice, near Krakow, is a place where the knowledge, qualifications and experience of the staff combine with specialized, modern equipment to provide the highest quality of service and ensure patient satisfaction and safety. Eye correction treatment is carried out by a specialist in his field - visit our office and be assured that you are in good hands!


    Local anesthesia is used for eyelid plasty, so there is no need to worry about possible discomfort or experiencing pain during the treatment. For particularly sensitive patients, sedation can also be used for additional tranquility and relaxation.

    Duration of the treatment

    Blepharoplasty takes from 45 minutes to about an hour or an hour and a half. For some time after the treatment, the patient may be accompanied by swelling and slight bruising of the face.

    Effect of the treatment

    First of all, you will look and feel younger as a result of the surgical intervention. The folds of flabby eyelid skin will no longer overhang the eyelashes, so the feeling of heaviness of the eyelids will disappear, and the field of vision will also improve.

    Do scars remain after blepharoplasty?

    We reassure all those who are worried about possible side effects in the form of scars: the cut during the treatment is made in the natural furrow of the eyelid, so the resulting scar is virtually invisible later. As specialists in beauty treatments, we take care to ensure that the patient does not fall from the proverbial rain into the gutter. An eye correction, after which an unsightly scar is left behind, would negate the point of our work.

    Those wondering whether the treatment is worth it are welcome to come in for a consultation. We will discuss the course of blepharoplasty in detail, and show its effects in "before" and "after" photos.

    Contraindications to the treatment

    Possible contraindications to blepharoplasty treatment do not necessarily mean that we will not be able to help you. Our specialists know a variety of ways to treat drooping eyelids, including lymphatic facial massage to stop the signs of aging.

    pomalowana kobieta, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beuaty w myślenicach

    The treatment is aimed at "refreshing" it, giving it a cheerful and rested expression.

    blefaroplastyka, klinika medycyny estetycznej roseti med&beuaty w myślenicach

    Eyelid plasty


    During the first meeting with the patient, his needs and expectations are discussed. The specialist gets acquainted with the problem and proposes an adequate solution. Qualification for blepharoplasty is also an opportunity to conduct a detailed history, whose task is to exclude possible contraindications to the treatment and a moment to inform the patient about potential complications.

    Follow-up examinations

    The patient is asked to take a blood count and check blood clotting, and provide the result of an ECG. Several days before the treatment, certain medications should be restricted - detailed recommendations are provided by the attending physician.


    As already mentioned, eyelid plasty is performed under local anesthesia to increase patient comfort and safety. Therefore, on the day of treatment, this is where the procedure begins.

    Precision cutting

    Precision cutting, removing excess skin and fatty tissue from the eyelid area, that is the crux of the blepharoplasty treatment.

    Placement of sutures

    Placement of sutures (for a period of about a week).

    Recommendations for the patient

    The specialist provides the most important information related to eye care in the near future after the treatment and care of the scar.