We do not
have to accept the imperfections of beauty.


We are committed to a holistic approach to the patient, so our team is made up of specialists in various fields. In one place you can benefit from treatments for the face, body, hands and feet.

Lip Lift

Lifting threads

Chemical peels

Filling and augmentation
of lips

Facial oval modeling
and volume

Treatment of migraine
and hyperhidrosis

Platelet-rich plasma

HI-TECH medical treatments


Injection lipolysis


Needle mesotherapy

Lipotransfer K-68

Roseti Med&Beauty


A diverse range of services and a team composed of high-class specialists allows us to offer tailor-made solutions. All this is done to make those who use our services feel better in their own skin, more confident, and to put a permanent smile on their faces.

Treat yourself to a gift of a series of medical or cosmetic treatments, carefully selected to meet your body’s needs, or gift it to a loved one. Check out what we have prepared for you.

We know that awareness of your good looks simultaneously affects your well-being. Only confident in the assets of our beauty do we walk around with our heads held high and reap handfuls of life, while convinced of imperfections, we often exaggerate them and imagine that they draw the attention of others more than they really do. Reaching for aesthetic medicine is therefore not only a correction of one's appearance, but above all a nod to serenity, often more important than what is on the outside.

Who is aesthetic medicine for?

It is worth
thinking about visiting our clinic if:

If you feel that you want to change something, to improve not only your appearance, but also your well-being, the doors of our clinic are open to you!

  • you notice wrinkles and furrows in yourself,
  • you have sunken cheekbones,
  • you observe in yourself the so-called valley of tears (diagonal depression between the corner of the eye and the cheek),
  • you want to improve the aesthetics of your smile,
  • you are struggling with acne or enlarged pores,
  • you are preparing for a wedding and want to look beautiful on that special day,
  • you have numerous discolorations,
  • you want to get rid of scars,
  • Your face is asymmetrical,
  • you have protruding ears,
  • you struggle with migraine,
  • you sweat frequently and profusely,
  • you are going bald,
  • you desire to look younger.

Myślenice - comprehensive offer of aesthetic medicine.

We have experienced, qualified staff who specialize in specific areas. This, combined with the high quality equipment at our disposal, allows us to provide services at the highest level.

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We offer minimally invasive facial aesthetic medicine treatments, including an excellent alternative to surgery. This allows the patient to return to their daily activities immediately after receiving the treatment.

We help combat any skin imperfections, such as hyperpigmentation, acne and enlarged pores. We offer moisturizing and regenerating treatments, positively affecting the health and appearance of the face. We improve the appearance of lips in people with narrow lips, invisible teeth when smiling, or distorted proportions in the nose and mouth area. We effectively deal with facial asymmetry, sagging skin or drooping eyelids. We know how to help patients with traumatic and acne scars. We have excellent methods of dealing with wrinkles - undergoing a series of treatments, individually tailored to the needs of each patient, brings great results that can be enjoyed for a long time.

A not insignificant group of our patients are those with slightly excess body fat. Taking advantage of appropriate reduction treatments brings satisfactory results for the abdominal area, hips and buttocks. We also help deal with the so-called double chin. We carry support for people with excess skin, for example, after rapid weight loss or pregnancy.


In addition, aesthetic medicine treatments, for which we invite you to Myslenice, provide support in the fight against baldness, and even help deal with recurrent migraines. Come to Roseti Med&Beauty and tell us about your needs and expectations. We will listen to you and offer optimal solutions.


Remember that we offer each patient the treatments that are most suitable for him or her and that he or she can benefit from safely, without risking complications. Therefore, during the first visit to the office, we conduct a detailed interview, on the basis of which we qualify the person for the treatment or exclude this possibility due to contraindications. Patients who have received medical and cosmetological services at our office are not left alone. We have a package of valuable care advice for them, we recommend cosmetics, and we invite them to follow-up visits.

At Roseti Med&Beauty, we are concerned not only with ensuring that the proposed treatments deliver the expected results, but also with minimizing the risk of side effects. We prioritize the safety of our patients, so we always qualify the patient for the treatment first, ruling out any contraindications. We use modern, minimally invasive methods, employ great specialists and use the highest quality equipment. For you!