Roseti Med Clinic
& Beauty

In a beautiful, charming place near Krakow, away from traffic jams and smog, Roseti Med & Beauty Clinic was established especially for you.

We have a team of the best specialists in surgery, ophthalmology, physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine, who constantly improve their qualifications and with great commitment develop the clinic with us. It is here in Myslenice that we offer a range of aesthetic, regenerative and anti-aging medicine treatments guided by the principle that acceptance of oneself and one’s appearance is the key to achieving contentment and satisfaction with life.

This is the
place where we take comprehensive and holistic care of your body.

With the knowledge and experience we have gained, we help regain confidence and satisfaction for anyone who needs it. The most important goal for us is to achieve natural results while ensuring the utmost safety and comfort for our patients.


Our greatest success is satisfied patients who come to us for help also referring their friends and family members to our doorstep.

Thank you for your trust and welcome.